RESPONSIBLE INFORMED ADVICE | We understand what works and what will be a waste of your time and money. We advise against unsuitable treatments. We request you to research, ask us questions and then make informed decisions. PATIENT FOCUSED | Our expertise and advice are trusted by many famous beautiful faces but we hold every patient equally dear and every session equally important. Each interaction receives our meticulous attention to detail. FLEXIBLE TO ACCOMODATE YOUR NEEDS | We believe that the best treatment plan is one that the patient can comfortably follow. We have a wide range of treatment options to suit your lifestyle, health, budget and age, for a truly bespoke care plan. We thrive on helping our patients achieve their goals. LATEST TECHNOLOGY | We are in constant passionate pursuit of better care, superior results & innovative technological applications. Our hand picked award winning tools & bespoke protocols help us create beautiful natural results. If a medication, treatment, technology or technique has proven useful for helping patients, we'll not only know but we'll let our patients know to help you reach your goals safely & surely. UNIQUE NON COMMERCIAL APPROACH | We have no sales consultants and we do not encourage consultations based on any specific device or product. The doctors focus on the individual as a whole and offer tailor made solutions & advice. CONSISTENCY OF CARE | Dr. Yadav performs the initial assessments and follow ups for each patient, actively supervising each session & tracking their progress. She has infused her passion into every staff member to work with the same sincere professional  approach. CONTINUED LEARNING | Our team continue to upgrade their skill sets, read voraciously and attend international conferences & receive periodic retraining to remain current. WORLD CLASS CARE | Our state of the art facility follows international best practice guidelines for aesthetics, maintains patient confidentiality and follows high standards of cleanliness and care.