Seasonal Hair Loss

Seasonal changes can sometimes dry out hair making it brittle, cause scalp trouble and worsen hair loss. With the fluctuating weather and frequent travel, dandruff season lasts all year - the scalp can be itchy and flaky due to changes in air humidity and temperatures or stress eating and changes in hormones. Hats and buns further promote the growth of fungi that cause dandruff, worsening this issue. At the same time the hair becomes dry at the ends and oily at the roots soon post wash.

Avoid anti dandruff shampoos as they tend to be harsh and dry the hair out too much. Any oil massage needs to be gentle and occasional as it can exacerbate hair fall by tugging at the already weakened roots. Stick to using your finger tips or a cotton swab for application.

Dr Yadav loves using deep conditioning mask treatments overnight or some oil for an hour before washing (never overnight as this can cause break outs) to pamper hair twice a week. Hat hair and split ends are common - you need a heat protectant before blow drying and a finishing serum to catch strays. With product and hair styling, less is more.

Load up on green leafy vegetables and salads, with organic meats & eggs to get enough iron and protein to help hair grow. If you're still losing hair go see your doctor. They can assess various patterns and types of hair and scalp conditions. The doctor may run some blood tests to eliminate medical causes of hair shedding/fall and start you off on medicated products & supplements. Treatments like PRP & mesotherapy help. Good luck!

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