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On Pregnancy & Motherhood Related Skin, Hair & Body Solutions.

Becoming a parent and raising children is a magical journey. 🌺 However it is also a process that sees the mum going through a number of changes physically that may have a long term impact. ✨ As the mum of a toddler herself, Dr Yadav understands the process & struggles closely; and offers real practical advice. 

At Juverne Clinic we offer you 360° support for skin, hair and body concerns during or long after your pregnancy, and advise on mom & baby skincare. We tell you what cosmetics and skin care products are safe when pregnant and what to avoid, how to battle acne, hair loss and stretch marks; how to regain the skin or body you've had or always wanted and more.

If you've a specific question please reach out to us at or call 9910912141.


Image: Mother and child: #Sculpture in onyx by Isamo Naguchi via @skalpa.