Meso Botox For Tighter Pores

Mesotherapy is an injectìon technique wherein tiny measured doses of a cocktail of active ingredients are placed into the "mesoderm" layer of the skin - to deliver the desired effects. At Juverne we are focused on customizing treatments for our patient's individual needs and wants. To this end we offer a huge variety of Mesotherapy variants; using different cocktails for each concern.

Mesobotox - which may sometimes be called MicroBotox - involves the delivery of low doses of diluted neuro modulator (Botox) to tighten pores, reduce sweating and oil secretion & reduce rosacea flushing. Commonly done on the cheeks / forehead. 

1. Mesolift - a variant of Botox under the eyes for tightening crepey skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and bags (although results in this area are very short lived - only about two months)

2. Nefertiti Lift - A combination of regular Botox into the platysmal bands with mesobotox for the neck for tightening the jawline and crepey skin of the neck.

3. Meso Dry - Treatment of excessive sweating (hyper hidrosis) in the under arm region with the use of Botox can give you dry & odour free underarms for 6 months. Repeating the treatment at 6 months can give results that last even longer ~ 1 year.

4. Meso Glow- combination of Botox with brightening agents like vitamin C and glutathione / hydrating agents like Hyaluronic Acid for instant glow is popular. 

Mesotherapy variants at Juverne also include Meso-therapy cocktails using vitamins, growth factors and more for

1. cellulite improvement

2. stretch marks reduction

3. mesohair for improvement of hair quality and reducion of hair loss / thinning

4.  keloid improvement & scar relaxation

5. acne scar improvement 

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