After Fat Freezing

Results of the fat freezing treatment usually take 1 to 3 months to be visible, though some patients may notice a tighter appearance in the treated area even within a week. Each area may need 1 to 3 cycles, usually, to eliminate most of the unwanted bulge. This must be discussed with the doctor supervising the treatments.

Most Common Side Effects Right after fat freezing: The treatment site may temporarily be: Red / Swollen / Lightly bruised / Tingling / Stinging / Numb / Mildly painful

These are all normal things that happen after suction or cool temperatures are applied to your skin. These minor side effects could last from 30 minutes to a couple hours. They will subside naturally. You may apply topical medication like arnica cream or take supplements containing papain/bromelain to reduce bruising. Painkillers, rarely required by patients, may be taken.

Three Days to a few Weeks after your procedure, delayed side effects may begin: Mild pain / Mild bruising / Treatment area sensitivity / Swelling / Cramping / Itching / Tingling / Continued numbness. Prolonged swelling is very normal. It is a result of the body’s inflammatory process which it is using to get rid of fat cells.

Mild tingling, cramping pains are also normal and quite common. They are a result of the nerves in the area waking up. It is similar to when your foot wakes up after falling asleep when you get a pins-and-needles sensation. The sensations are not caused by nerve damage.

These are the most common side effects. They will get better over time and eventually disappear from a week to six weeks after your fat freezing appointment. Due to the body’s natural disposal of the dead fat cells, some patients also report having to use the bathroom more frequently. It is advisable to stay active & drink plenty of water to help this process.

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