Aesthetic Physician. Medical Director, JUVERNE.

Specialist, High-Definition Non Surgical Sculpting.


Dr. Yadav has substantial focused experience in aesthetic practice, with emphasis on non surgical face lifts marrying classical art and cutting edge science for beautiful, natural results. She previously led the cosmetic dermatology and weight management at India's finest standalone luxury medi-spa, overseeing a team of seventy including specialist dermatologists, nurses, therapists and nutritionists.

Dr. Sonam Yadav specializes in cosmetic procedures, skin care & anti-aging, She excels in 3D facial sculpting & body contouring, has a special interest in the management of acne, scars and PCOD and lays emphasis on patient education. She understands the nuances of rejuvenation and is well versed in addressing the unique medical and aesthetic needs of the different skin types, ages & ethnic groups.


Dr. Yadav has attended top rated medical schools completing an MBBS degree at Manipal University attending Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - followed by an internship and work at four tertiary hospitals in New Delhi. She thereafter received post graduate training at the Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK completing a Diploma & Master Of Science degree in clinical dermatology graduating with awards and distinctions; and trained further in Europe & Asia for advanced cosmetic treatments. She is a speaker and key opinion leader for a number of leading aesthetic technologies.


I believe that 'wrinkle' is not a dirty word and not every wrinkle needs to be nixed.

If a wrinkle (or scar, or spot or fold) bothers you & makes you under confident, makes you shy away from realising your full potential then by all means, do fix it. There are excellent safe and effective treatments available to do so today, with minimal cost. If something makes you more conscious, or less 'you’, then seek a solution for it. But chasing 'perfection' (or ideas thereof propagated by media) or erasing every 'wrinkle' is neither a recipe for beauty nor for happiness.

Aesthetic medicine is a happy marriage of my passions, interests and skill sets.

I have an ever evolving interest in art and a fascination for human biology. I am also intrigued by the innovative aspects of medicine and stay updated on relevant technological advancements. I enjoy employing the latest tools and research to deliver nuanced results for my patients. I have niche expertise in face lifts and body sculpting using injectables and energy based devices - and find this to be a very gratifying part of my practice. It is a privilege to be able to make an immediate visible impact and deliver natural results.

I thrive on helping my patients understand and take charge of their skin health.

I believe in empowering patients to make smarter self care decisions towards healthier happier aging. Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body, but one that also has an impact on an individual's psyche and self-esteem. It also has an indirect impact on the individual's environment. The inherent bias of the human mind means that our skin and appearance alter how we are perceived and treated by others. Aesthetics thus is a technical & a philosophical quest.