• Aesthetic Physician
  • MBBS, Masters In Dermatology (UK)
  • Specialist: Non Surgical Face Lift, Acne
  • Key Opinion Leader & Trainer
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  • Phone: Office (011) 41002943


Dr. Sonam Yadav specializes in cosmetic procedures, skin care & anti-aging, marrying classical art and cutting edge science for beautiful, natural results. She excels in 3D facial sculpting & body contouring, has a special interest in the management of acne, scars and PCOS and lays emphasis on patient education. She is well versed in addressing the unique medical and aesthetic needs of various skin types, ages & ethnic groups; and understands the distinct nuances of female and male rejuvenation.


Dr. Yadav previously led the cosmetic dermatology and weight loss department [comprising of specialist dermatologists, nurses, therapists and nutritionists] and oversaw a staff of seventy as Executive Head and Director Dermatologist for India's finest standalone luxury medi-spa. She has substantial niche experience in aesthetic practice, with emphasis on non surgical face lifts, body shaping, acne, Botox and dermal fillers. 

Dr. Yadav has performed one of the highest number of radio frequency contouring treatments and has co authored a white paper on the technology. She works to empower women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)  through one on one counseling, workshops & an open online resource for education and support. She is also speaker and key opinion leader for a number of award winning international aesthetic technologies.


Dr. Yadav has attended top rated medical schools completing an MBBS degree at Manipal University attending Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore - followed by an internship and work at four tertiary hospitals in New Delhi. She thereafter received post graduate training at the Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK completing a Diploma and Masters Of Science in Clinical Dermatology graduating with awards and distinctions; and further training in Europe & Asia for advanced cosmetic care, non surgical treatments & injectables. 



NICHE MEDICAL EXPERTISE | Dr. Yadav has had the privilege of treating patients from across the world practicing scientific evidence based medicine, with artistic flair. Dr Yadav is known for her sincerity & attention to detail. CORE VALUES | Our fundamental goal is to provide the highest level of care in aesthetics with integrity and warmth. We work to empower patients with medically sound treatment options through a supported decision making process. OUR BELIEF | We believe that an individual can attain true happiness only through the attainment of their full potential in life. And that medical aesthetics has a role in helping unlock the beauty and power which lie within each individual. WORLD CLASS CARE | Our state of the art facility follows international best practice guidelines for aesthetics, maintains patient confidentiality and follows high standards of cleanliness and care. INTEGRITY | We understand what works and what will be a waste of your time and money. We advise against unsuitable treatments. We request you to research, ask us questions and then make informed decisions. PATIENT FOCUSED | We believe that the best treatment plan is one that the patient can comfortably follow. We have a wide range of treatment options to suit your lifestyle, health, budget and age, for a truly bespoke care plan. UNIQUE APPROACH | We have no sales consultants and we do not encourage consultations based on any specific device or product. The doctors focus on the individual as a whole and offer tailor made solutions & advice. CONSISTENCY | Dr. Yadav performs the initial assessments and follow ups for each patient, actively supervising each session & tracking their progress. She has infused her passion into every staff member to work with the same sincere professional  approach. LATEST INFORMATION | If a medication, treatment, technology or technique has proven useful for helping patients, we'll not only know but we'll let our patients know to help you reach your goals safely & surely. MEASURABLE RESULTS | We use high quality photography to better identify your needs, and to correctly track your progress in a quantifiable standardized manner. CONTINUED LEARNING | Our team continue to upgrade their skill sets, read voraciously and attend international conferences & receive periodic retraining to remain current.