Medical facials are custom prescription treatments supervised by the doctor & performed in clinic by trained therapists using advanced tools & products. Unlike a regular salon facial or clean up, these facials give an instant boost, correct concerns and continue to improve skin quality in the long run.

While the term Facial signifies a treatment for the face and neck, these treatments can be extended to care for skin anywhere on the whole body - patients often request add-ons for the decolletage, hands, arms, back or legs. Juverne has a carefully crafted menu of Medical Facials - specialized skin care treatments that help improve & maintain your skin texture & tone.



Young skin is prone to breakouts and reactions - from changes in hormones, stress, diet or lifestyle, poor air quality and irregular sleep patterns. We advocate treatments to help quickly clear skin.

Recommended Treatments:

  • Acne Zap x 45 minutes
  • Mini Facial x 45 minutes

Other suitable treatments:


AGES 20 TO 40

A  good skin care regimen is important to ensure you age well naturally. Daily care, balanced lifestyle and a few timely treatments will help you look your best for longer- with lesser investment. 

Recommended Treatments:

  • Juverne Power Facial x 45 minutes
  • Juverne Moisture Boost x 45 minutes

Other suitable treatments:


Mature skin needs extra care. Losing moisture and collagen faster than ever, people over forty need potent products & treatments, to preserve skin quality & reverse signs of ageing. 

Recommended Treatments:

  • Juverne Collagen Booster x 60 minutes
  • Juverne Luxe Tightening x 60 minutes

Other suitable treatments: