Dangerous Curves

Advisory against buttock augmentation with fat transfer. ▪▪▪ "The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has advised its members to refrain from performing buttock augmentation through fat transfer until more proven data is released.

Marketed to patients as the ‘Brazilian Buttock Lift’ (BBL), the procedure has resulted in two reported deaths this year, which have both been highlighted in the media in recent months.

BAAPS: “The Brazilian Buttock Lift is a complex technique, and its death rate of one in 3,000 is the highest for any aesthetic procedure. So far, all BBL deaths seem to stem from injecting fat into veins, causing emboli, a blockage of a blood vessel, to travel to the heart or lungs. However, at BAAPS we will go a step further and recommend that all surgeons refrain from performing these procedures until we have more proven data.”

Source: Aesthetics Journal