Dry skin is more damage prone and ages faster. Thus skin hydration is an important part of skin care. Dr Yadav offers some tips for coping with the dryness of skin, especially in fall and winter. As the air cools down and loses humidity, all skin types lose moisture too and become drier than usual. Here's what to do: 


1. How to know if you have dry skin?

When you roll out of bed and sit up. Does your skin feel tight or flaky? Dehydrated or more fine lines visible than usual? That's a sign you have dry skin.

2. What special needs dry skin have?

Dry skin ages faster and is more prone to damage from the sun/chemicals. It is also prone to infection due to minor breaks in the skin barrier. Thus dry skin needs not only re-hydration, but intensive moisture retention and protection from the elements.

3. What ingredients to look for in a face wash if you have dry skin?
Look for non foaming cleansers, even balms and oils. Or make like the French and use cold cream to wipe off grime. Indian grannies and their organic loving children swear by malai - pure full fat cream to do the same. Foaming washes/soaps are harmful as they remove even more moisture from the skin. Look for micellar water formulations - some ingredients that are good for dry skin are thermal spring water, oat extracts and soothing chamomile.

4. How and how often you need to wash your face?

Once to twice a day for dry skin. Never, if you listen to the malai loving grannies above.

5. Any other tips on how to keep dry skin clean and comfortable?

Avoid wipes especially perfumed ones which may irritate skin. Wear sunscreen.

Drink plenty water and seek out moisturizers with urea and hyaluronic acid.

Look for creamy than powdery make up, which makes fine lines show more on dry skin.

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