treatments offered

  • Botox For Lines, Wrinkles & Contouring

  • Dermal Fillers For Rejuvenation & Shaping

  • Fat Dissolving For Double Chin & Bulges

  • Skin Boosters For Dull Skin / Open Pores

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation, Scars

  • Microneedling For Scars, Pores, Dullness

  • Microneedling RF For Scars, Pores, Lift

  • Thread Lifts For Rejuvenation & Reshaping

  • MesoTherapy: Cellulite, Stretch Marks

  • Meso-Botox For Sweating, Open Pores

  • PRP & Mesotherapy For Hair Thinning/Fall

  • Steroid Injections For Acne Cysts, Hair Loss



If you are considering injectables, the first step is to meet the doctor for an individualized consultation, imaging and facial assessment. We discuss desired & expected outcomes, treatment options, pros/cons & pricing to help you decide which treatments suit you best. When the treatment is scheduled the doctor would give you pre-treatment precautions, post care instructions and home care regimens.


All injectable treatments are performed only by Dr Sonam Yadav who specializes in the synergistic use of different cosmetic injectables for artistic natural results.

We use a variety of products and techniques, following a tailor made approach for each individual and ensure the highest degree of safety, privacy and comfort for our patients.

Minimally Invasive: We can treat, prevent and slow down the process of facial ageing - in a single session - treating wrinkles and folds; skin laxity, volume loss, dynamic lines, static lines, muscle tension and muscle hypertrophy & fat substitution and re-positioning.

Combination Treatments: We often combine injectable treatments with energy based devices such as radio frequency. ultrasound, laser, micro-needling and threads, in bespoke combinations for better results that last longer.

wrinkle relaxing

softening expressions

facial slimming


Botox Cosmetic is a US FDA approved muscle relaxing injection that help treat the dynamic lines, most often used on the frown and forehead to erase wrinkles that can make a person look upset or angry even when they are not. Botox is also used for sculpting and relaxation on the eyelids, eye brows, nose, mouth, chin & neck. Botox is also used to treat excessive sweating. 

In expert hands, Botox results are artistic, subtle and effective. The treatment only affects treated areas, leaving your facial expressions natural as before, with a well rested youthful appearance. Dr. Yadav uses a micro-droplet technique or 'Baby Botox' with the finest needles to make treatments fast, comfortable and economical.

liquid lifts

skin smoothing

volume restoration


Dermal fillers restore lost facial volume, lifting saggy skin, decrease wrinkles & reduce the appearance of fine lines by filling defects, improving contours and boosting skin hydration.


Dr. Yadav specializes in the strategic use of small amounts of filler material on specific injection points in order to maximize outcomes with the use of minimal product. She offers the most advanced techniques for harmonious symmetrical results. We use fillers on the face, neck, decolletage & hands to reduce the signs of ageing, and better rested & more attractive faces.