We are best known for our single session combination face and neck lifts with natural results lasting 1-2 years, we use ultrasound, collagen boosting radio-frequency & targeted  injectables). Get smooth instant results, wear make up & go back to work or travel / get some sun immediately.

FUSS FREE MAINTENANCE PLANS: We offer advanced medical facials and series of gentle facial rejuvenation treatments. Regular upkeep, tightening and skin care top ups can help you look well groomed and youthful through the year. Speak to us about subscriptions & custom designed solutions.

non surgical facial sculpting

APPROACH: Custom plans designed to improve facial balance, symmetry & beauty, in accordance with an your age, gender, lifestyle and budget, for immediate and long term goals. We take the time to explain, draw, measure & stage treatments to address imperfections or flaws & highlight best features.

PHILOSOPHY: Dr. Sonam Yadav is passionate about natural and elegant non surgical rejuvenation of the face and advocates a conservative approach. She has niche expertise in the nuances of facial rejuvenation; and is meticulous about the different approach to male and female aesthetics.


FOREHEAD | LINES AND WRINKLES | ACNE | SCARS | PIGMENTATION | Baby Botox for Frown & Forehead Lines, Reflation for Anti Aging; Texture & Pigment Correction HAIR LINE | Reshaping, Correction TEMPLES | Anti Aging with Fillers EYE BROW SHAPING | The ideal male brow is thick, dark and flat, situated at the edge of the bone and is flatter. The ideal female brow is thick, tapering and arched, sitting about 1 cm above the edge of the brow bone (superior orbital rim). Laser Shaping of Uni-brow in men. BROW LIFTING | Correct Drooping & Flattening. Create Arch, Treat Asymmetry UPPER EYELID | Energy based lift, Anti Aging; injections for lift, wrinkles. Tightening for crepey and thinning skin LOWER EYELID | Treatment of dark circles, tear trough, tired eyes, lines and wrinkles & eye bags with using energy based devices, products & injections DARK CIRCLES AND EYE BAGS | The eye region is a significant indicator of gender, youth and beauty. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on the body, ages rapidly and needs special care. UNDER EYE HOLLOWS | FINE LINES| EYE LASHES | Care for scanty lashes. Medication to grow thicker and longer eye lashes. Treat infections and rashes.


MASCULINE AND FEMININE FACES | A face can be made more masculine or more feminine as desired by highlighting or underplaying these differences. The anatomical structure, skin thickness and aesthetic goals of men and women are different. Thus treatment techniques, protocols and selection also markedly differ. We design treatment plans for individuals in keeping with their age, lifestyle, treatment goals & other factors, taking the time to explain, draw, measure & stage the treatment. CHEEK VOLUME | Cheek Lift, High Cheekbones, Glamorization; Anti Aging with skin tightening, volume replacement & fat repositioning in men & women - for immediate improvement in facial contour. CHEEK TEXTURE | Correction of skin folds, wrinkles, open pores, scars, pigmentation, unwanted hair, sun damage. CHEEK TONE | Correction of loose skin & folds from collagen loss due to aging or sun damage; Lifting for men and women. NOSE | Non Surgical Reshaping, Wrinkle & Hump Correction; acne, oily skin, rosacea, open pores, scars, unwanted hair, spots. NASOLABIAL FOLD | Painless correction of Nose to Mouth Lines by Lifting & Dermal Fillers and Cheek Lifting in men & women. EARS | Treatment of Aging & Sun Damage, Earlobe Repair; Laser for unwanted hair in men, Fillers for aging earlobes. UNWANTED HAIR | The World's Fastest Painless Facial Laser Hair Reduction for Men and Women


SLIMMING OF LOWER FACE - Contouring and lifting for V shape with energy based devices, Botox for masseters, strategic filler use. UPPER LIP - Volume & contour correction for anti-aging; glamorization & pout creation; Cupid's bow, philtrum; gummy smiles; barcode lines, smokers' lines; unwanted hair, spots, melasma. LOWER LIP - Correction of shape, color, wrinkling, length, balance or volume of lips in men and women; glamorization, lip enhancement and rejuvenation; treatment of darkening, unwanted hair. SMILE - Smile design, make overs, glamorization; Treatment of gummy, uneven, unbalanced smile. MENTO-LABIAL FOLD - Painless correction of drooping corners of mouth, sad lines, folds. CHIN - Painless face elongation for weak chin/short round face; softening for women; create strong chin for men; pebbling, crease, scars & wrinkles; adult acne & acne scars, unwanted hair. BRUXISM AND TEETH GRINDING | Injection of Botox to the masseter muscle can help dramatically slim a wider jaw& reduce pain and spasm. V SHAPED FACE | Youthful feminine faces have a wider mid face and slimmer tapering lower face. This can be attained instantly by lifting and shaping with a combination of energy based devices such as radio frequency and ultrasound sculpting; with cosmetic injections: Botox and contouring dermal fillers.

the neck

JAWLINE CONTOURING | Non surgical contouring of the chin, jawline and cheeks, using Botox and fillers to alter the proportions and balance of features, for an instant slimming effect and a softer, more feminine face.- Reshaping without surgery: skin tightening, fat reduction, slimming, enhancement. JOWLS - Reshaping of loose jowls, correct flabby or undefined jawline. NECK REJUVENATION & LIFT | The neck is an often ignored area. Treatments for the neck and face however be contiguous. Lines, folds, wrinkles and sagging; unsightly tendons and muscle tension can be improved with non surgical elongation, jawline sculpting & neck lift. NECK SLIMMING | Sculpting by skin tightening treatments, reshaping injections and non surgical fat reduction, can create a chiseled square masculine jawline or a tapering female oval jawline. CONTOURING FOR DOUBLE CHIN | Rounded facial contours and poorly defined jawline, excessive fat deposition over the cheeks and over the chin and neck cause a blunting of facial features and convey the high body fat percentage of the individual.


 3D changes of ageing in a female face at 20, 50, 75 years of age. Progressive volume loss & skin laxity are visible, causing a gaunt, wrinkled look.  (Image Source: Aesthetic Surgery Journal)

3D changes of ageing in a female face at 20, 50, 75 years of age. Progressive volume loss & skin laxity are visible, causing a gaunt, wrinkled look.

(Image Source: Aesthetic Surgery Journal)