Awarded “fastest painless laser in the world” - our unique US FDA approved laser & experienced laser therapists make hair removal a breeze.

We offer thorough, comfortable and well priced treatments for all skin types - always performed under the supervision of the doctor.

REVOLUTIONARY: The C+B diode laser device uses patented linear scanning technology and integrated cooling (0-3 degree C).

FAST + PAINLESS: Up to five times faster than existing devices, safe, effective & treats all skin types, even fine hair, painlessly.

Why choose Juverne? 

At Juverne you receive - world class technology, high quality care & hygiene in a luxury environment at affordable prices.

Linscan 808 nm system by German Medical Engineering, available in the USA as Clear + Brilliant pelo™ is an award winning device, celebrated as a true game changer in aesthetics. We are the only clinic in the state to use this next generation laser technology.

All treatments are doctor led and performed by experienced trained aesthetic therapists.