Rainy weather and humidity often bring with them an onslaught of skin and hair trouble. The most common complaints are frizzy limp hair, hair fall and sudden outbreaks of acne. Persons with oily skin are more prone to developing acne when the weather is changing. Those of us living in large cities like Delhi must also contend with pollution that further aggravates the problem. There are however simple things one can do to avoid 'Monsoon Acne'. Here are a few tips from Dr Sonam Yadav, Medical Director - Juverne Clinic.

1. Oil Control:

The excessive oil produced by your skin, along with dead skin cell debris, dead skin cells and city grime block the pores and cause acne - whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and painful bumps under the skin. Reduce the oil formation by using lighter cosmetics and prescription vitamin A products. 

2. Cleanse Thoroughly:

Cleansing well with a make up remover or facial oil, followed by beta hydroxy acid (BHA) based cleanser twice a day. Steaming the face gently is a good idea, as is ice water dunking to close the pores after, but picking at the acne is a terrible idea.

3. Treat Acne Aggressively:

Don't muck about. Visit your doctor to get strong topical and oral medication that target the different pathways that cause acne. Keep that scalp clean and ask the doctor to treat any dandruff. Also do report any itching, flaking and redness on the face or on the scalp. 

4. Don't Hide: 

Acne is temporary. Don't let it force you to go in hiding. Keep your hair off your face, cover up blemishes with medication and make up and go live life as you would. PS: Don't forget the sunscreen.

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