There are a few simple things about sunscreen application that often go wrong. All of these mean the sunscreen isn't doing the job it must do & your skin thus remains at risk. Solutions below from Dr Sonam Yadav, Medical Director, Juverne Clinic.


1. Mistake: Not using enough sunscreen:

One teaspoon for the face, one shot glass for the body. That is how much one needs for effective sun protection.


2. Mistake: Not using sunscreen the right way:

Layer products, using sunscreen as the last thing twenty minutes before leaving home. But sunscreen goes on skin after serums and before make up use.


3. Mistake: Not reapplying sunscreen periodically

Swimming, sweating and wiping it off mean that sunscreen protection is shorter than what the SPF promises. Reapply every 3-4 hours, sooner if wet.


By addressing these common errors you should be able to keep your skin safe and enjoy the warmth.

Good luck!