Beauty 2020

The trends in beauty for the next year.

Dr Sonam Yadav shares her predictions:


2018 was all about the glow up. Dramatic transformations, both noticeable and beautiful.

2019 was all about tweakments and we'd called it.

Cosmetic patients are getting younger and better informed - they understand and invest in tweakments: subtle staged fixes started young to achieve the same stunning results: natural, progressive & affordable. We had predicted 2019 to be the year for tweakments and a boom in PRP and autologous skin rejuvenation. This was the predominant trend internationally - and in our practice too, with collagen remodelling, preventive aging in young people, microBotox, microneedling and PRP injections being our most popular treatments.

For 2020, we predict everything to be faster, simpler, more precise and on the ball. The upswing in regenerative medicine will continue through 2020 and continue to become more refined and precise. Autologous fillers, growth factor concentrates and similar ‘natural' fixes will soar.

Faster grooming, faster contouring, faster skin care will be sought after and will challenge old school service providers to meet patient expectations seamlessly. Express facials with potent ingredients and multi tasking treatments will be the norm, and are already picking up the pace at our clinic.

Skin care regimens will be grounded in a very small number of well researched and proven ingredients and products - no foo foo, just the way we like it at Juverne.

We already spoke of multitasking products that travel well and carry busy individuals through their various roles. Make up that also treats, sunscreen that hydrates and brightens while protecting against pollution damage and night creams that protect against blue light (nightscreen if you will) are big and getting bigger.

Clean, sustainable, botanical, cruelty free beauty is already a trend. This will only get bigger. CBD and other derivatives will continue to pique user interest.

Body treatments are big and will get bigger. Doctors will get smarter about treating fat, muscle, lymph, skin all in one plan, to deliver the finest results. We do this at JUVERNE and will continue to refine our offerings.

Treatments will be fast and comprehensive. Face, neck, hands and chest have got to be treated together in a cost effective time effective manner - and we do this.

Sham treatments come and go each year but the solid ones keep delivering results and cement their reputation. As JUVERNE completes three years of its existence, we strive to keep bringing you only the stuff that works and delivers a solid bang for your investment of time, effort and money.

Thank you for trusting us. We will keep at it.

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