Rejuvenation With Acids

Hydroxy acids, are compounds derived from natural produce and fruits, and are commonly found in skin care products / used in higher concentration by doctors in office based chemical peels.

Hydroxy acids work by creating controlled exfoliation of the skin and thus helping reveal fresher smoother skin, lighten visible flaws and treat concerns. There are mainly two kinds: A and B or alpha & beta hydroxy acids. The PHA or poly hydroxy acids are simply a newer category of AHA.

Since acids are useful for skin rejuvenation, they are popular, but it’s important to find the right one that your skin can tolerate.

#AlphaHydroxyAcids or #AHA exfoliate and also hydrate the skin. Examples of AHA you may read on skin care labels: Glycolic acid, Lactic Acid. Mandelic, Citric, Tartaric and Malic Acids.

#BetaHydroxyAcids: Salicylic Acid 

Salicylic Acid is perfect for oily skins prone to breakouts and congestion.


PHAs are in essence, a next generation form of AHAs. They work in much the same way, however they have a slower penetration rate, minimising the risk of irritation making them great for sensitive skins. As well as their resurfacing benefits, PHAs enhance barrier function, protect against collagen breakdown, and help skin hold onto moisture.

Look out for names such as Gluconolactone, Lactobionic & Maltobionic.