Eyebrow Tattoos: Microblading

EYEBROW TATTOOING - As a cosmetic doctor, micro-blading is a common query posed to me by patients. I am however conservative in recommending the procedure. If things go wrong, as they did in the case above / like any tattoo, removal is a tedious, painful and expensive process. Thus the choice must be weighed well beforehand. To those who are keen on microblading I suggest not undergoing the same without due process as below. 

What to do before undergoing micro-blading on the face of body:

1. Research your therapist: Look for someone who is experienced, with solid credentials and has a catalogue of work to show you. There are many styles of micro-blading and a good result needs painstaking artistic work and a natural balanced outcome. Go with a provider who is a good fit for your aesthetic. Ask them plenty questions and leave if you are uncomfortable at any stage. 

2. Ensure your own safety: The treatment is usually done by nurses/therapists or even tattoo artists. None of these people are doctors and very few, barring nurses, may be trained to manage emergencies and complications. Experience of the provider and the utmost hygiene of the environment and sterility of treatment areas is important. Ask to see the place thoroughly before you sign up for a treatment.

3. Don't go bargain hunting: For something that would stay on your face forever, a discount is the last thing to look for. Good work comes at a cost. Focus on the quality you're getting and shy away fom places that seem to be offering ridiculous discounts.

4. Make up your mind: Be sure that this is what you want. Till you are sure test drive the suggested #eyebrow shape with dark pencils.

5. Speak with your family doctor: Get clearance regarding any medication: Aspirin causes oozing. History of cold sores needs prophylaxis. Some people have a tendency to form hypertrophic scars or keloids. Since this is an invasive procedure do talk about the same with the therapist.

Good luck!