Boho Beauty

Going or not, Coachella style will flood our screens all week, again. To stay on trend, emulate that fuss free look and stay beautiful at the bazillion music festivals summer brings.

Here are a few pointers.

1. Sunscreen. Lots of it. Hypoallergenic organic sweat resistant invisible brands are now available. Grab some at Juverne if you will. We've got a lovely soothing and mildly fragrant variant too. Use a shot glass full each morning on the body. Reapply 4 hourly

2. Hair off the face. Braiding is okay, keep braids loose at the roots, tighter at the ends, to avoid pulling on the roots. Tight braids give you headaches and later, hair loss (technical name: traction alopecia). Go easy on the dry shampoo. Product build up means zits and dandruff.

3. Grooming. Can't wear bikinis and bum shorts without some serious grooming down under. But there is a shortcut. Read up on painless quick laser hair removal at: for our USFDA approved treatments. Super deals all summer. Call 9910912141 to inquire.

4. Drink up. Water that is. Extra water to compensate for everything else you drink.

5. Wipes. It's hot and dusty and all kinds of smoky substance in the air. Clean your face at bedtime, men and women. Once more during the day to stay zit free.  I'd say carry micellar water but I'm no party pooper. Baby wipes are okay in a pinch.

6. Have fun. Tell me how it was. Have a question? Email me. Ciao.

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Kylie Jenner, Coachella 2016