About Exfoliation & Skin Renewal

Think of the skin as a brick wall. The bricks (skin cells) grow from the bottom upwards, with the oldest cells collecting keratin as they make their way to the top. The top most superficial layer of the skin comprises of dead cells and sheds itself periodically - every 28 days in our twenties and gradually more. As we get older though the process may take as long as 51 days in our sixties.

Accumulation of these dead cells causes the appearance of dullness, wrinkling & dehydration. Exfoliation (whether this process is manual or chemical) allows this dead cell mass to be shed off and stimulates faster cell turnover. Thus cleansed, the skin is smoother & products penetrate deeper.

Over-exfoliation can cause rash, redness, over drying, broken vessels and more, giving the skin a ruddy uneven tone and also make it more prone to sun damage and other physical changes. 

How to Exfoliate:

My favorite method to get squeaky clean skin is a good daily cleanser and a monthly medical facial at JUVERNE

You could try the luxe Juverne Refresh, the luxe deep cleansing medical facial at Juverne Clinic which combines 5 different technologies and a host of products. Or get a quick 30 minute diamond polishing and vitamin infusion if you're in a rush.

Juverne Refresh includes vacuum based serum hydro-dermabrasion & painless blackhead extraction. Supplement one treatment with excellent home care: use prescription retinoid creams at bedtime (vitamin A derivatives) and vitamin C during the day to refine your skin texture and build skin collagen.

Hydrodermabrasion, gentle microdermabrasion, lasers & peels are stronger faster methods of exfoliation and must only done by doctors in clinic. Scrubs, dry brushing, use of a flannel cloth/loofah count as gentle exfoliation that helps the body too.


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