I like skincare that works hard. I tend to lean towards formulae that blend two or more powerful ingredients to target a problem faster and better on many fronts. I also like make up that isn't just cosmetic. But treats concerns and improves skin.

Great skin doesn't always need a lot of time. Schedule one hour a month with your cosmetic doctor  for regular skin maintenance to look well groomed all year, and be smart about skincare. I love products that do double Duty and we stock multiple such formulae at JUVERNE.

1. Tinted Sunscreen.

Sun protection that hydrates and covers blemishes is always a win.

2. Tinted Acne Medication:

Anti imperfection ingredients along with extra spot coverage.

3. Organic illuminator which also hydrates and soothes skin. Vanilla scent a plus.

4. Sweet Smelling Body Mousse: I fight chocolate cravings with an ultra luxurious non sticky hand cream that sinks into skin.

We stock such formulae at Juverne. Ask our team for details or drop in for a look.