Best Foot Forward

Male or female, feet don't get enough skin care attention on a daily basis. However summer means they're exposed and can make you self conscious. Here's a list of the most common concerns that can plague your feet & how we groom / care for feet :

1. Corns, Warts And Calluses

Don't pull them or wear corn caps. Let your doctor treat this & wear supportive shoes. 

2. Pigmentation And Sun Protection

Feet get uneven skin and tanning in the sun & develop age spots. Wear sunscreen.

3. Odd marks from shoe bites and tan lines which can be lightened quickly in clinic. 

4. Dryness, eczema, scaling & infections: commonly fungal infections & viral warts

5. Excessive sweating on the feet can be corrected with Botox for up to a year.

6. Smelly feet need medical attention.

7. Bony and ageing feet can be corrected with skin resurfacing & anti aging treatments. Dr Yadav does foot fillers too!

8. Foot arch issues and pain need focus on your posture and gait as well as weight.

9. Cracked heels can be quickly remedied with skin care and clinical fixes.

10. Nail disorders including cracking, discoloration & lines are treated medically.

11. Unwanted hair can be removed for good with safe & painless laser hair reduction 

12. Scars, injury marks, burns and keloids can be treated with visible improvement.

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