Hand Care

The hands are oft neglected but form an important part of a person's identity. While men and women may now care for their facial appearance, uncared for spotty wrinkled hands often take away from a youthful well groomed appearance.



Fortunately caring for the hands is easy: ** 1) Use all the products meant for your face on the neck and the backs of the hands as well. No skimping. ** 2) Avoid sanitizers (they are alcohol based and dry up the skin making it age faster) unless essential. ** 3) Use creamy washes or bars of soap for the hands and apply a thick cream to moisturize after every hand wash and at bedtime. ** 4) Use sunscreen liberally on the backs of your hands to protect them. Sun damage makes hands look speckled and wrinkly. Existing sun damage can be easily be corrected using resurfacing treatments (microneedling, lasers, radiofrequency and chemical peels) ** 5) Maintain a healthy body fat percentage. Skinnier people tend to have bony looking hands as the fat pads on the backs of the hands are depleted. Lean persons can correct bony aging hands by undergoing biannual filler injections (hyaluronic acid or CaHA fillers) & monthly radio frequency sessions to boost the collagen content that helps tighten skin and reduce the wrinkled hollow appearance.