Micro Botox

Microbotox or Meso Botox (Mesotherapy with Botox) is the injection of multiple microdroplets of diluted purified toxin: onabotulinumtoxinA which works as a muscle relaxant (at JUVERNE we use Botox by Allergan, USA only). The injection is done after numbing / icing to soothe the area using finest needles (feels like a pinch milder than a mosquito bite) into the dermis or the interface between the dermis and the superficial layer of facial muscles.

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How Does It Work: The goal of injection of diluted purified Botox is to improve skin texture visibly. It reduces oiliness, redness and pore visibility.

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This treatment helps to “decrease sweat and sebaceous gland activity to improve skin texture and sheen and to target the superficial layer of muscles that find attachment to the undersurface of the dermis causing visible rhytides.”

About Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a French injectìon technique wherein tiny measured doses of a cocktail of active ingredients are placed into the "mesoderm" layer of the skin - to deliver the desired effects.

At Juverne we are focused on customizing treatments for our patient's individual needs and wants. To this end we offer a huge variety of Mesotherapy variants; using different cocktails for each concern.

Mesobotox - involves the delivery of low doses of diluted neuro modulator (Botox) to tighten pores, reduce sweating and oil secretion & reduce rosacea flushing. Commonly done on the cheeks / forehead. 

1. Mesolift - a variant of Botox under the eyes for tightening crepey skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and bags (although results in this area are very short lived - only about two months)

2. Nefertiti Lift - A combination of regular Botox into the platysmal bands with mesobotox for the neck for tightening the jawline and crepey skin of the neck.

3. Meso Dry - Treatment of excessive sweating (hyper hidrosis) in the under arm region with the use of Botox can give you dry & odour free underarms for 6 months. Repeating the treatment at 6 months can give results that last even longer ~ 1 year.

4. Meso Glow- combination of Botox with brightening agents like vitamin C and glutathione / hydrating agents like Hyaluronic Acid for instant glow is popular. 

Mesotherapy variants at Juverne also include Meso-therapy cocktails using vitamins, growth factors and more for

1. cellulite improvement

2. stretch marks reduction

3. mesohair for improvement of hair quality and reducion of hair loss / thinning

4.  keloid improvement & scar relaxation

5. acne scar improvement 

About MicroBotox:

Treatment Sites And Goals:

At JUVERNE, Dr Yadav utilizes a custom variant of the technique described by Dr Woffles Wu: “For treatment of the lower face & neck, hundreds of microdroplets of diluted Botox are injected into the dermis or immediate subdermal plane to improve skin texture, smoothen horizontal creases, and decrease vertical banding of the neck, as well as to achieve better apposition of the platysma to the jawline and neck, improving contouring of the cervicomental angle.”

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Safety And Efficacy:

This is an established and published clinical method: “The author has over 1867 documented cases of Microbotox in various parts of the face (forehead, glabellar, crow’s-feet, infraorbital, and cheeks) and neck, the majority of these patients being treated in forehead or the lower face and neck” - Dr Wu

Comparison With Nefertiti Lift:

“The microbotox technique is a useful, simple, and safe procedure for lower face and neck rejuvenation. It is mainly effective in treating neck and lower face soft-tissue ptosis, in contrast to the Nefertiti technique, which is more effective on platysmal bands.”

Cost And Duration:

Treatment results show within 1 to 7 days and results last for 4 to 12 weeks (the average being 8 weeks) kn our experience. Thus the festive season is a good time to use the technique for a smoother look.

The cost depends on the age of patient and extent of area to be treated, as this determines the total number of units of Botox that will be required. Please enquire with our team about standard pricing per unit by calling or texting us at (+91) 9910912141.


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