Moisturizers For Men

The comments below were recently featured in an article by DermStore.

Dr Sonam Yadav, MD Juverne says: 


In my cosmetic dermatology practice about 40% patients are men. Here's how I advise them to care for their skin:


- How is men's skin different from women's? Male skin is anatomically thicker and produces more oil, and has thicker hair. Thus, it needs a different approach for a home skin care routine.

- What should men focus on in their skin care routine? Men need stronger agents for exfoliation to get smoother even toned skin. Men may shave frequently they must also moisturize well daily. Use a non foaming wash to shave and look for soothing ingredients like oat extracts.

- What's an easy skin care routine for men to follow daily? The basics for men and women are the same: cleanse, treat with a serum, hydrate and protect with sunscreen - every day. The selection of products though is different. Look for a gently exfoliating cleanser (I love glycolic acid and mandelic acid). Use a few drops of Vitamin C serums 15-25% every day.

- What should men look for in a moisturizer? Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient, the penetration of which can be helped by lactic acid.

- Any ingredients to look out for - and any ingredients to avoid? Avoid using a splash of alcohol based aftershave on freshly shaved skin, which can be drying.

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