Skip The Straw

The Daily Mail UK newspaper recent quoted Dr Sonam Yadav on the correlation between straws & aging. Excerpt below:

Skip the straw - it's ageing you faster.
Also avoiding plastic straws is definitely more eco-friendly!

When we repeatedly purse our lips - as smokers and frequent straw users do, we are repeatedly using the Orbicularis Oris muscle around the mouth. The contraction of this musce creates a number of small parallel lines around the mouth (dynamic lines) - that deepen over time (to form static lines) as skin ages, which happens much faster in smokers and sun-worshippers and smokers.

If you do have such lines around the mouth a light handed treatment with Botox or thin fillers can effectively treat them. For deeper sun damage, pigmentary change and age related loosening of skin along with this, add collagen boosting treatments like microneedling and radio frequency - as are available at JUVERNE. 


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