Waxing vs Laser

Laser Hair Reduction has come a long way in the last few years. It is now the easiest fastest and cheapest way to remove body hair, in the long run. Here are the FIVE top reasons we suggest you consider switching to from waxing to laser treatments too:

1. Long term improvement with laser: This means hair gets thinner and finer and takes longer to grow back. Laser works to weaken hair from the root and even if you need maintenance after a few years, laser means hair never returns to initial density.

2. Cost Effective:

Laser Treatments At JUVERNE are very affordable. A laser session costs similar to what a salon treatment costs. Except that here you get progressive improvement.  So in the long run you need less sessions. And that means less overall expenditure.

3. Works on ingrown hair:  Laser can go through skin and treat bumps and hair coiled up on itself creating nasty boils. Waxing cannot do this. Win, laser.

4. Improve skin in the long run:  Even with the gentlest wax, you are pulling hair out and increasing risk of acne. On the other hand laser reduces follicle size and acne risk, while improving skin texture. 

5. Really fast, easy and fuss free care in the supervision of a doctor: Laser wins, again.

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