Young Vs Old Skin

Young skin not only "looks" smoother and tighter, it is structurally different too. Dr Sonam Yadav, (MD, Juverne) elaborates:


Youthful skin has a smooth epidermis (the top most layer of skin which is made of dead cells) and a short cell turnover rate of about 21 days (the rate at which this layer gets renewed). Older skin has a thinning and flattening of epidermis alongwith slowing down of the cell turnover to as much as 50 days. This means that dead cells pile up, making skin rougher with more obvious wrinkles & bumps/growths.


The use of AHA and BHA, with regular exfoliation and medical facials such as diamond polishing and skin resurfacing.


Young Skin has a thick dermis abundant in a rich mesh of collagen and elastin fibres (the tissue that support your skin). As we age, the collagen fibres become scantier and damaged, with a lower ability to hold up the skin. This causes much of sagging and wrinkling. Sun damage can cause a characteristic rough thickened appearance from the increase in the elastin content of dermis while skin collagen is depleted (solar elastosis).


Collagen boosting treatments at JUVERNE address this: microneedling, lasers, ultrasound, radio frequency, facials & more


Good subdermal support in the form of muscle, fat and bone keeps skin taut and smooth when we are young. As we age, the fat sinks and the skeleton shrinks, causing a drooping of skin forming lines & folds. 


The use of deep dermal fillers to replace lost volume and the use of skin tightening treatments like ultrasound and radio frequency to correct the changed contour.


High content of Hyaluronic Acid and thus good ability to hold moisture within, are a hallmark of young skin and are what give young skin a healthy glow.


The age related loss of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) content is treated with dermal fillers, injectable moisturizers, skin boosters and anti aging creams with HA and lipids.


Good blood supply and lymphatic drainage mean that skin is well oxygenated and there is a good circulation of nutrients and speedy removal of toxins from the skin.


These systems become sluggish with age, causing puffiness / redness and discoloration - which advanced medical facials at JUVERNE seek to address & fix.


Good cellular function means healthy skin when young. As systems become faulty and worn out with age, there is a higher incidence of patchy discoloration (age spots), growths and bumps (like seborrhic keratoses) as skin ages.


The use of sunscreen, good lifestyle and the use of anti aging products & treatments helps to slow down and / or reverse these changes. Age spots and patchy pigment are treated with advanced peels, brightening lasers and medi facials.


 Markers Of Aging Seen Around The Eyes ▪︎ "The #eyelids and periorbital area are important #aesthetic #facial subunits as well as sensitive projectors of facial #aging. Brow ptosis, #eyelid ptosis, dermatochalasis, fat herniation or protrusion, tumors and trauma can critically alter the anatomical relationships in this region. #Ageing may also convey an inaccurate message of tiredness, anger, or sadness, diminishing the overall aesthetic appearance of the #face."


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