Detoxification and cleansing are especially relevant in fall, a season full of outings and merry making. One should strive to be in peak health and mental balance for the holiday season, a period that is always a hecticseason of indulgence and socializing across the world.

Sweater weather brings with it, for most of us, a lazier slower period - pies, desserts and savory treats. Thusone should take the time in fall (before the holidays) and in spring, right after the merry making, to flush the system, cleanse skin and reaffirm good self care habits.

With a chill in the air and lower humidity, the environment is different from any other time of the year. Thus it is advisable to follow a season-appropriate methodology to detox at this time:

1. SKIN HYDRATION - Switch from light hydrating gels to lotions for the day and heavier creams and body butters for the night. Visit your doctor for a redesign of your skin care routine that fit seasonal changes & any travel plans.

2. SKIN NUTRITION - Make use of the dark greens and veggies that are part of fall's bounty - rich in vitamins B, C and iron, load up on spinach, kale, broccoli, peppers and pumpkins. Bltiz them into smoothies or soups, or munch in salads. Add nuts and seeds for an added boost and internal heat to stay warm. Toasted seeds & coconut chips are an excellent healthy snack for kids too. Pumpkins and squash are a rich source of vitamin A which helps skin to build collagen and stay supple. 

3. SKIN TREATMENTS - Detoxification of the skin with deep cleansing medical facials aids this process - opt for serum based vacuum hydra-dermabrasion for a quick and complete treatment that unclogs pores, treats concerns and soothes, reducing stress hormone levels. Spot peels can treat last minute acne. Routine cleansing and constant hydration will help clear break outs faster.

4. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE and Deep Tissue MASSAGE help drain waste products faster, which reduces bloating and skin puffiness. Steam rooms and sauna baths are popular as well. To reduce bloating in general, a common side effect of partying this season, sip on water through the day. Sip on the tea made by adding a pinch of carom seeds (ajwain) to boiling water for a great home remedy that beats bloating and reduces eye bags.