In a modern urban life, we are constantly facing stimuli that demand reaction - from work, family, technology and the environment. It is no wonder that most of us feel scattered and exhausted on most given days. The best no cost solution to this - is to disengage periodically -  we must make time to restore our inner balance and peace and to give the body and mind requisite rest. This not only improves our well being but also improves longevity and enhances our efficacy when we return to our busy fast paced life.

The simplest daily method to do so is to sleep enough. While an adequate amount may range from 4 to 10 hours a day for different persons depending on their ages and physical needs, research shows significant benefit from getting atleast three hours of uninterrupted sleep - that allows one to experience deep REM sleep - and wake up refreshed. Research also shows that women tend to need an hour or more of sleep more than men. Keeping gadgets and screens covered / hidden, and finding a comfortable quiet place to sleep / take a power nap of twenty minutes - is one 0 $ habit that can add years and joy to our lives.


The other benefits of adequate sleep and reduced stress are better skin health, slower skin aging, and overall hormone balance. Sleeping on your back can help avoid formation of sleep wrinkles, that otherwise typically form asymmetrically on one side of the face. 

So this is what the doctor recommends: Put that phone away. Turn off the lights. Catch enough zzz and wake up rested to live your most powerful life. Sleep tight. 

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