"What are your thoughts on how Asian/Indian beauty both female and male are promoted (or underrepresented) in mainstream hollywood media"

An American journalist asked Dr Sonam Yadav this question. Find her answer below.

I believe that Hollywood still finds it easier to cast Indian/Asian actors keeping in line with the traditional stereotype of what an Indian man/woman may look like: 'exotic, dark skinned, dark hair, dark eyes' etc. It would however be wrong to blame Hollywood alone for this. India is a large nation with a rich history - and the populace has not one but several skin types, features, hair & eye colors. With sustained interaction, Hollywood may realize & use these finer details. As of today, you could conclude that India and it's culture are typecast and misrepresented in Hollywood (as much as western nations are, in Indian movies)

The Indian movie industry, especially Bollywood, has it's own stereotypes and tends to cast lead actors/actresses who fit a certain look: ironically this is the exact opposite of what Hollywood prefers. In India, fair skin and more aquiline European features are revered. Dusky skin, even of those actresses who have made a name in Hollywood for their exotic dusky beauty, endure skin bleaching, pancake like layers of make-up and photo-editing (and rumor has it, risky skin lightening treatments) in all their work in India. Dusky persons, especially women, often face discrimination in Indian society and one of the best selling products (over the counter) is Fair & Lovely / Fair & Handsome For Men. Luckily this is changing and educated people, especially the youth, embrace their natural skin color and the beauty of natural dusky Indian skin is being appreciated even in India.