Misjudged Facial Expressions //

We have some habits and daily tics that create an impression about us in the minds of our observer - which may not always be a true reflection of who we are or how we feel.

1. Frowning repeatedly or squinting, pursing our lips or wrinkling our chins - these repeated movements can be due to a habit or an ignored medical need (use of incorrect prescription glasses or not using them where needed / poor eyesight in the dark due to vitamin A deficiency / intense sun exposure without sunglasses -- all of these cause squinting and repeated frowning).

Solution: The underlying issue should be corrected. People after 40 years of age will routinely need reading glasses and their power ay fluctuate frequently in the first few years of use. In addition, a three to six monthly dose of muscle relaxing injections (Botox by Allergan) can easily sort this issue leaving the face softer and wrinkle free but natural.

2. Touching our noses repeatedly, or being 'hot under the collar' and scratching our necks can make us look nervous and under confident, or worse, like we are lying. Some may believe the habit makes a person look like they need a good wash. Either way, the cause may be dry irritated skin - or fungal infections that cause severe itching - which dry skin is more prone to.

Solution: Moisturize liberally, use a skin type appropriate wash and in case of any infections, seek treatment quickly.

The above comments by Dr Sonam Yadav were recently featured in Bustle magazine: