Skin Care At Every Age

As your skin ages, it's structure, functioning and skin care needs evolve. Your skin routine too, needs to change over the years to maintain skin health. Here are a few pointers on how to care for your skin at different ages, from Dr Sonam Yadav, Founder JUVERNE.


Q: When should you start an antiaging skincare routine?

A: Aging starts at the cellular level at 25 (younger if you're abusing your body with a live hard party hard lifestyle). Anti aging thus needs to start at least at 25. But I'm a big believer in prevention and slowing down of aging, which effectively starts with growing up with good skin care habits. Children over the age of six months need sunscreen to prevent burns and cumulative sun damage that puts them at risk for skin cancers later in life. Dry skin also ages faster and needs special care and intense hydration.

Q: What should that routine look like in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond? Major dos & don'ts for each age group?

A: Routines & tips for each age group:

20s: Moisturize well (even oily skin needs hydration) and wear sunscreen. Avoid picking up habits like smoking and scrimping on sleep to stay youthful. Treating acne aggressively is imperative as even small scars worsen with age.

30s: Invest in a high end vitamin C product for daytime use and start using a retinol based product at bedtime to target fine lines and improve skin exfoliation that slows down with age. Consider treating dynamic facial lines with Botox to prevent deepening in time. This is a good time to start with bespoke medical facials for skin maintenance.

40s: Consider adding more powerful cosmetic treatments to your annual budget: periodically spending a smaller amount on dermal fillers and skin tightening to correct age related volume loss and skin laxity will go a long way in delaying aging and can totally defer need for surgical intervention later in life.


50s and beyond: In addition to the above, focus on skin hydration and speeding up cell turnover to prevent deep wrinkles from forming. Skin loses ability to retain moisture with age & ingredients like hyaluronic acid, NMF & ceramides help. Skin would need facial contouring with thicker dermal fillers to counter bony changes and microneedling/laser for resurfacing to correct spots and lines.

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