Dealing With Eczema


About Eczema:

Eczema or Dermatitis is a common skin condition that has a characteristic set of symptoms: itching, redness and a rash. It occurs due to skin inflammation. Eczema is of many types and it's origins lie in our environment. Pollen, pollution, extreme weather and occupational exposure to specific chemicals are common triggers for specific types and patterns of eczema.

Skin Barrier In Eczema: 

Persons who have eczema have a compromised skin barrier - this may be due to lack of good fats in the body; due to structural problems/dietary deficiency; or due to repeat stripping of skin oils (as in repeated hand washing or use of alcohol based sanitizer in hospital staff). Eczema is simply a skin response to this in the form of inflammation, causing itch, scratch, dryness, redness et al.

Dealing with eczema:

A two pronged approach is needed to counter eczema: To strengthen then skin barrier, as well as to minimize the assault on skin which triggers the condition.

Avoid the triggers that you know cause your eczema. Moisturize skin well using creams that have urea and ceramides, when damp. Consume good fats that speed up skin repair: OMEGA 3 And 6, along with vitamin E and Vitamin C help.


Dr Sonam Yadav