Alcohol & Skin

What drink (from the grown up menu) can choose that is relatively okay for your skin?

Let's start with the common myths:

Red wine is okay: Sorry but that glass (or bottle) isn't giving you much resveratrol (that grape extract touted to be a skin boosting antioxidant - a suspect claim in itself). Red wine and white, are actually not the best and do give you bad hangovers.

Energy drinks, mocktails or canned juices then, must be okay: High in sugar and preservatives, these are actually awful. Energy drinks are caffeine rich thus diuretic - making you pee more. You need to drink extra water to compensate. Juices are not great for people with insulin resistance such as common with PCOD. And what fun is it at a party anyway.

Whiskey is risky: 

Whiskey and beer come somewhere in the middle on the sin scale, since they do have lesser sugar and get metabolised faster. The better ones (skinwise) though would be clear non grain origin drinks: potato vodka for example. If you can't (like me) have vodka, gin / tequila / white rum on ice. Sugary juices and tonics best avoided.

Water is the one drink you must have to keep skin looking healthy. My summer favorite is infused water. Cucumber and mint, berries and oranges. Another option is to make green / herbal tea and chill it.

The Reasons Behind This:

Sugar ages skin by breaking down collagen faster, releasing free radicals. The consumption of anti oxidants (like green/black tea and green veggies or vitamin C and glutathione pills) fights this. Alcohol is a vasodilator thus it gives you a flushed skin, redness, open pores and in time, broken little red vessels around the nose and on the cheeks. Alcohol is also dehydrating and worsens under eye bags.

How to pick a better drink when out:

1. Limit drinking to one/few drinks on an occasional basis and avoid completely if you're on antibiotics/other meds, have a complex medical history or an ongoing illness.  Bingeing is terrible for your system.

2. Pick clear white drinks and dilute them. 

3. Try to pick non grain non sugary drinks. 

4. Pop a few grams of vitamin C orally and some antioxidant supplements that day and the next day & drink extra water.

5. Sweat it out. Feed well and sleep enough. Get a hydrating medical facial and use hydrating & repairing skin products.

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