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Dark Circles

Dark Circles are an extremely common concern in men and women of all ages. Their appearance may be due to various causes. Treatment strategy directly depends on the correct diagnosis of cause.


Here's a quick guide: 

1. SKIN Darkening:

Allergies, rubbing, sun exposure or family tendency. Treatment: Skin Lightening Creams And Treatments. Ask for our special Spanish formula at JUVERNE: its free from steroid, acids or hydroquinone. Also at JUVERNE, our special French medicated BB tint instead of concealer.

2. BONY Shadows:

'Fake' shadows due to the hollow (tear trough) under the eyes, common in Indians even as babies. The hollow can seem worse with age/weight loss/stress. Treatment: Dermal Fillers Last 1-2 years. Dr Yadav uses the Juvederm VOLBELLA XC for smooth results and painless fuss free treatment. Needle Free Skin Tightening is an alternative: ask for our single and multi session lifts, USFDA approved and potent.


3. BLUISH puffy bags:

Water retention and slow flow of the venous blood causes a bluish shadow that is visible through the thin skin under the eyes. Treatment: Ask for Dr Yadav's favourite French formula for immediately improving puffy eyes. Our simple single session tightening is a needle free solution.

4. INCORRECT treatment: 

Collection of a bluish fluid can be due to Tyndall Effect from the incorrect use of dermal fillers. Dr Yadav specializes in the use of hyaluronidase to dissolve such complications followed by correct injection of VOLBELLA for smooth instant results.

5. DEFICIENCY of nutrition: 

Supplementation of diet with the right nutrients to fix any underlying deficiency can be easily done. Medical causes also are to be treated simultaneously. 

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