About The Arm Pit

The ArmPit or UnderArm region can be a source of discomfort to patients. Concerns may include any of the following:

1. Unwanted hair, ingrown hair and boils: painless high speed Laser Hair Reduction 

2. Unwanted Bulges: Fat freezing (Cool Tech) / Fat dissolving injections and skin tightening (Ultrasound / HIFU ) and  EndyMed Radio Frequency tightening 


3. Crepey Loose Skin:

Microneedling, PRP and Microneedling Radio Frequency (EndyMed INTENSIF)

4. Excessive Sweating And Body Odour:  

Botox injections and microneedling RF

5. Pigmentation: 

Diamond micro dermabrasion, chemical peels and peel masks including Cosmelan 

6.  Skin tags, warts and boils / Rashes:

Radio Frequency Cautery & Skin care

For all of the above concerns a simple medical consultation with our doctor is needed to identify & quickly resolve them.

What is the use of the arm pit anyway? The appearance of arm pit fluff usually signals puberty in a young person. However some young adults may have pubic and armpit hair long before any of the other prominent signs of sexual growth. The purpose of armpit hair is debatable. While it may serve the function of thermo-regulation in association with underarm sweat, it can sometimes form a means of protest or stylistic independence - as the growth / braiding / dyeing in recent times indicate.

Cosmetic and medical concerns of the arm pit are myriad. Even fit persons can develop a bulge of fat / loose skin when dressed in tight clothes / corset styles. We treat this with comfortable bipolar radiofrequency and fat dissolving injections in our practice.


Botox injections are also USFDA approved to treat excessive underarm sweating apart from a host of other conditions. Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) can easily be dealt with for up to a year with one treatment that injects tiny doses of Botox into the affected areas. It works by regulating the synergy between the neuro-muscular junction and the sweat glands. New treatments using microwaves and radio-frequency micro=needling have been used successfully for this as well. If you're looking for treatments for this region, explore our page JUVERNE.com/BODY or send us a quick email with your specific query: contact@juverne.com. Treatments are bespoke. Individual results may vary.

Our team will be happy to help you!


Sonam Yadav (MD, Juverne)