Turmeric Is Skin Gold

TURMERIC is a potent and safe ingredient - curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric - reduces inflammation - when applied topically and consumed orally. THC or tetrahydrocurcumin is the colorless extract of turmeric - more potent and safe, it helps lighten dark spots and brighten skin tone in general, when used topically. It is found in many skin products available over the counter. Turmeric is part of the daily diet and arsenal of home remedies in the Indian subcontinent. It is considered a healthy food due to its antioxidant antibacterial and possibly anti cancer properties.

How to have turmeric:

1. Use grated fresh turmeric root or pure fresh powder in your food.

2. Brew a simple tea with ginger, turmeric and clove. Add a spot of honey or organic jaggery.

3. Mix with gram flour (besan) and milk or cream to make an ubtan body scrub. Bonus points for adding saffron and rose water.