Cleansing Right

Dr Yadav was recently quoted by INSIDER MAGAZINE on the best way to cleanse skin, and quoted by TOTAL BEAUTY, on her favorite cleansers. Here's an excerpt: 

Clear skin starts with proper skin hygiene.

These are the commonest cleansing mistakes I encounter, which you can avoid:

1. Not removing make up first - Double cleansing is a real thing and essential for removing pollution, grime and make up so that a face wash can work on actually cleansing your skin.

2. Not using one twice a day - Sometimes at the end of a long day we are tempted to use a baby wipe and be done with it. Making this mistake can prove costlier for those of us with oily and acne prone skin. Sensitive skin too is best treated with micellar water not wipes.

3. Not leaving the product on skin for long enough - Massaging the face wash on damp skin with gentle circular motions is a good move, instead of quickly rinsing it off. Especially do allow 30 to 60 seconds before washing off, to allow the medicated product to work.

4. Using the same wash for life - Your skin changes as you age, even from season to season, and for women during the month based on their menstrual hormonal changes. See a doctor to pick the correct types of products for your skin to keep skin healthy.

One product I love as  FIRST CLEANSE. Also functions as a great make up remover and rinse free cleanser while on the move:

Bioderma's Sensibio H2O micellar water:

The second cleanse needs to cater to your skin type, age and specific concerns thus we look for specific active ingredients. Ask me for a recommendation for a face wash the next time you're at JUVERNE. :)

What is a Micellar Water?

A micellar water suspension contains small balls of cleansing oil and purified water. It's gentle on skin and effective for cleansing make up and grime on the go by drawing out the impurities from the surface, which can then be easily wiped away. Micellar water helps streamline the skincare routine and may be a good replacement for cleansers and make up remover for many individuals. It is best for dry and sensitive skin, rosacea or acne prone skin, but may not be adequate alone for oily and acne ridden skin and works well as a first cleanse. Hence the second wash.

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Dr Yadav loves micellar water for cleansing.


Here's how to clean your skin correctly.