Hair Home Remedies

Dr Yadav was recently quoted by PREVENTION Magazine on DIY home remedies for hair:

"I love to spritz a little diluted vinegar solution on my roots to revive post work out hair when washing just isn't an option. Dry shampoo is okay but product does build up. The vinegar is a simpler more natural way to cleanse roots between washes. Also for dandruff and oily hair with a scaly scalp, a diluted vinegar rinse as the penultimate rinse really helps tackle my hair issues."

The use of vinegar to fight infections dates back to Hippocrates (the father of modern medicine), who recommended a vinegar preparation for cleaning ulcers & treating sores. Oxymel, a popular ancient medicine composed of honey and vinegar, was prescribed for persistent coughs by Hippocrates and his contemporaries, and by physicians up to modern day.

White vinegar contains acetic acid, a gentle acid, that forms when fruit or grain ferment. While it has been used for this particular remedy for ages, there is now new scientific proof for its efficacy.

Dr Yadav in PREVENTION Magazine

Dr Yadav in PREVENTION Magazine

More Hair DIY Decoded:

Ginger is an immunity booster that can help reduce localised inflammation and revive hair health. Ginger mixed with coconut oil should work.

Anecdotally, the topical use of onion juice with a pinch of cinnamon has helped some patients slow down their hair loss & stimulate some new growth.

For an irritated scalp a lavender or fenugreek rinse soothes. Curd, coconut oil, banana and honey are all popular DIY hair masks as they give deep hydration, repair damage & are easily washed off.

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