Common Acne Myths

Myth 1:

That acne affects young people (Truth: adult acne is very common and can even happen for the first time in your sixties).

Myth 2:

That acne is due to poor hygiene (Truth: over cleansing strips natural oils from skin and worsens acne; it should be avoided)

Myth 3:

That natural treatments like tea tree oil are better for skin (truth: while the mildest acne may respond to such formulations, it may also respond too slowly or incompletely which will allow the formation of acne scars. All acne needs quick resolution to prevent flares & scarring, for which a combination approach is best)

Myth 4: Toothpaste to dry up acne (truth: dangerous DIY, this can even burn your skin. In a pinch crushed aspirin may help)

Myth 5: Acne patients should stop eating chocolate. (Truth: you can have a tiny square of dark chocolate a day. It's the milk and sugar in chocolate that are worse for acne. But if dark chocolate and coffee etc. trigger acne, sorry, you must then quit)