Treating Open Pores

OPEN PORES are one of the commonest concerns expressed by patients visiting us at Juverne. In this blog post, Dr Sonam Yadav answers the commonest questions around the subject: 1) What are open pores 2) How do I close them 3) Why did they open in the first place.

If you look at your skin in a magnifying / shaving mirror, you would notice that skin is not a smooth surface like a sheet of paper - but has tiny depressions like the surface of an orange. These are the pores, the openings of the glands and the root of hair follicles on the surface. These are not an imperfection but a normal part of your skin structure. However if these pores are obvious even to the naked eye, skin looks uneven. This can be treated easily.

The term “Open Pores” is used so commonly, that one may think of pores as gates, that can be closed, if they are open. In truth, the pores and their sizes / nature are quite constant. It is the surrounding skin which changes - giving the impression of an open or closed pore. Here’s how:

If your skin is oily, dusty, grimy or just full of dead cells, these pores get filled - and look obvious. Sun damage and normal aging damage the skin structure and reduce collagen. This saggy skin makes pores look obvious. Even tiny acne scars can look bigger with age,

Thus to treat open pores you have to do three main things:

1) Deep clean the pores - removing oil, dead cells and dust - making them less obvious. We do this with medical facials using vacuum extraction, mechanical exfoliation & enxyme peels

2) Build better newer collagen - thus improving the support to skin, making pores look tighter. We do this by using microneedling / microneedling RF / lasers / PRP / RF or Ultrasound tech.

3) Fill the pores with filler - like using cement to fill a pot hole - with immediate results. Fillers with hyaluronic acid, such as Vycross by Juvederm work instantly & last about 2 years.


Hope you found this useful!

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