Sweating is a natural and necessary physiological response, which controls body temperature, regulates fluid and salt levels in the body and unclogs pores. However heavy sweating over the under arm region is a common and embarrassing concern in men and women in all age groups.

A small fraction of patients suffering from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis may have an underlying medical cause (such as Hyperthyroidism, menopause, heart disease or anxiety disorders). This condition, known as Secondary Hyperhidrosis, requires evaluation and treatment.

However, most patients who sweat heavily are healthy individuals with no underlying medical cause (Primary Hyperhidrosis). Such sweating is excessive and occurs unpredictably and even in the absence of any triggers. Excessive sweating over the under arm region is medically known as ͚Axillary Hyperhidrosis͛.

The fear of unsightly sweat stains on one’s clothes and commonly associated body odor, can lower an individual’s confidence in social situations, whether in a corporate boardroom or at a party. The fear of stains or odour increases in hot, humid weather and stressful situations (such as a job interview, examination or a date). However, patients of hyperhidrosis may see such excessive sweating when relaxed or at rest, even in cold weather. Celebrities are not exempt from the fear of sweat stains.

Excessive sweating often happens in active and otherwise healthy persons. However this can be a significant cause of embarrassment and loss of confidence in social situations. Treatment of hyperhidrosis is now possible with several options, including antiperspirants and injection of Botox into the armpits.

One way to reduce sweating is to stay in a cooler environment as much as possible, wear lighter fabrics and shower often.

If you have no opportunity immediately to take a shower but feel sweaty you could wipe your armpits with a small amount of antibacterial gel or antibacterial wipes or baby wipes. This will help reduce the smell of sweat by cleaning or killing the bacteria that cause it.

Aluminum is a mineral having antiperspirant properties. It leaves no odor or stains on clothing, Deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum chloride are available but there have been concerns that such use of aluminium may be toxic.


If you suffer from excessive sweating, strong odour and sweat stain your clothes, one of the solutions offered by many aesthetic center, is the injection of botulinum toxin better known as Botox, into the affected area; which works by blocking nerve impulses to the sweat glands, and this product is very effective in combat then. The effect of Botox lasts from 6 to 12 months, after a single treatment.

The perfect deodorant is safe, effective and fresh - look for organic ingredients that nourish and protect skin. Citrusy notes with soothing lavender, rose OR vanilla are ideal. I prefer aluminium free formulae that have a long lasting effect and don't need reapplication too often.

The under arm skin can be sensitive to chemicals - dark and itchy under arm skin can be treated with clinical treatments & home care on prescription. You can learn more about the armpit and skin therein here:

If you're bothered by body odour or excessive sweating - consider Botox treatments for reducing sweating painlessly forup to six months at a time - and use skin friendly probiotic deos daily.

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