Ear Ear

Don't ignore this part of your anatomy, ladies and gents. Unsightly or unkempt ears distract from your persona. 



All Skin Care products including sunscreen must go on the ears too. Men with hairy ears can easily get laser hair reduction for lasting comfort: JUVERNE.com/Laser. Do it before hair greys else laser won't work. 



The skin on your ears is exposed to the sun especially if you wear your hair short or up. Athletes with high total sun exposure will have wrinkly saggy ears that give away their age despite a fit taut body. Anti Aging on the ears is easy. Talk to our team for guidance: juverne.com/contact



Heavy earrings and neglect can cause sagging and tears in the ears, which we fix at JUVERNE in a single painless session. Results last 1 to 2 years from one treatment. Wear supporting screws and lighter earrings if you will, to prevent this. 




Immediately before and after filler for ears


Painless laser hair removal for the ears 


Earlobe Rejuvenation

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