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JUVERNE IS HOME TO THE FASTEST PAINLESS LASER IN THE WORLD. Our device is USFDA approved and only available at Juverne in New Delhi.

Up to five times faster than existing devices, safer & effective, our device is suitable for all skin types & even fine hair. It is more hygienic requiring no gel/numbing.

What is Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser?

The Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser is a new hair removal system that combines innovative linear scanning technology with a powerful skin cooling device, resulting in fast, effective treatments with minimal pain on contact to enhance patient comfort.

How does it work?

With linear scanning, a diode laser beam is scanned through the chosen skin area, selectively inducing thermal damage in the hair follicles without injuring the surrounding epidermis. The Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser linear scanning offers the advantage of high power density in the actual laser beam. This allows for high fluences in short pulses, making the beam highly effective. The large treatment area requires few positionings of the hand piece, resulting in very short treatment times (e.g. on average, 10 mins for a back).

How much do laser treatments cost?

At Juverne we focus on giving you world class technology at accessible pricing which is transparent and simple. Our treatment prices for laser start as low as Rs 1000, and great summer discounts are also available. Please speak with our team for details and pricing.

Can it be used on all types of skin?

Yes, the Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser can be used safely and effectively on skin types I-VI.

Why is it faster than other devices?

The Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser has a large treatment area of 50mm x 15mm and can use high fluences in short pulses. The combination of these features make it more than 5 times faster than traditional diode lasers, while equally effective.

How long does each treatment take?

This laser is considered the fastest in the world (it has won awards for the innovative laser technology in international meetings). Duration will vary by patient, depending on skin and hair type along with other personal factors, but these are approximate estimated times per session: Back: 8-12min; Full legs: 36 min; Face: 1-3min; Underarm: 1 min

How often should treatments be repeated?

We recommend completing a total of 5-6 treatments with the following approximate intervals:

Face, underarm, bottom area: 4-6 weeks; Body: 6-8 weeks; Arms and legs: 6-8/10 weeks

How does it minimize pain?

The Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser handpiece is equipped with a powerful contact cooling device consisting of a sapphire glass that can be cooled down to 0°C. The strong cooling effect minimizes pain on contact. With Clear + Brilliant pélo™ laser, there is no need for numbing creams.

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