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Down There: The Female Edit

Speaking of hygiene, grooming and aesthetics of the genital region can be an uncomfortable subject for many women. Here is a list of common issues that arise in this area. If you have further questions you can email Dr Sonam privately at

1) Itch, Discharge And Rashes: The warm and moist environment of the groin is heaven for fungi. A period of ill health, indulgence in junk food or major stress can throw your body's mechanisms off balance and allow fungal overgrowth here. Over cleansing and douching of the vagina can also upset the natural ph balance and cause thrush. Foul smelling / persistent discharges, blisters or eruptions especially with a fever need a gynaecological review.

Take Home Message: Eat clean, cleanse and dry the groin well. Douching, 'vajacials' or 'vajazzling' isn't needed, the body has natural mechanisms to self clean.

Instead: wash well with plain water or a lactic acid based pH balancing cleanser.

2) Fuss Free Grooming:

Thick and dense hair in this area is the norm. Waxing is painful and often causes folliculitis and ingrown hair. Shaving is okay, but use a single blade razor for better safety in this curved region. Tweezing or extraction of ingrown hair too is painful, time consuming and creates a high risk for serious deeper infections. Avoid this and instead consider painless fast laser hair reduction for permanent reduction of hair growth AND ingrown hair. Further, your doctor can prescribe creams to soften & prevent ingrown hair & bumps.

3) Urinary Infections: 

Women have a short urethra and are more prone to bladder infections and UTIs (urinary tract infections). Stay well hydrated and do not hold in pee or delay washroom breaks.  If you are away from home and averse to public restrooms like many of my patients, carry one of the easily available tools for women to pee standing up / toilet seat covers & cleaners and hand sanitizers. If you are getting repeated infections you may need a blood sugar check. Cranberry juice and tablets help all women keep UTIs at bay.

4) Female Intimate Rejuvenation: Child birth, age and injury can cause skin sagging and urinary leakage. Rejuvenation of the labia is possible with estrogen creams, dermal fillers for plumping and skin lightening, as well as lasers and non laser technology for quick internal and external vaginal tightening - which are very safe when performed by trained doctors.

5) Skin Darkening And Thickening: 

Friction between the thighs, injury and infection or conditions like PCOD can cause darkening and velvety thickening of the inner thighs, buttocks and genitalia. Correction of this uneven pigmentation is possible with medication. For rashes on your bottom and body acne read our previous posts on the #JuverneBeautyBlog




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