Anti Aging For Men

Dear men. Depending on what lifestyle you subscribe to your skin care routine may include zero to twenty steps. Aging is inevitable but you're luckier than women. You can get away with a lot less maintenance and make it look good. Here's what you should and shouldn't skimp on:


1. Wear sunscreen. Patchy skin, age spots (think Morgan Freeman) and leathery thickening (think weather beaten cowboy) is not a good look for anyone. Start with SPF30+ today and stick with it.

2. Save your hair: 50% of all men over 50 will lose their hair to male pattern baldness. Start treating the day you see hair loss and thinning. Minoxidil is likely your friend for life, get a prescription now. Don't think of a transplant as the end solution to all your problems. You need to stabilize hair loss to even be eligible.

3. Moisturize: Hydrated skin looks smoother healthier and ages slower. Stop using whatever you can lay your hands on and get the doctor to give you a skin appropriate wash and daily moisturizer.

4. Lose The Double Chin: Do maintain a healthy weight keeping an eye on your body mass index. Fixing double chins with treatments is easy with our signature non surgical single session treatments at JUVERNE, that have no pain or downtime.


1. Don't get too much Botox:

Rugged pensive foreheads are considered more masculine and attractive. Look for a doctor who treats a lot of men, since the dose, site of injection and goals of treatment for men with the same product or technology are very different from those for women.  You want a softening of lines while maintaining a masculine look.

2. Don't delay treatments: 

The younger you start maintenance the lesser you need and less often. Waiting till things get worse means higher costs and more treatments with inferior results.

3. Don't hide behind a beard:

If your skin has some trouble areas fix them when younger. Acne and scarring do tend to get worse with age and are easily fixed with non surgical solutions. The same applies to double chins and pigmentation.

4. Don't ignore the body hair: 

If you or your partner wish for a less hairy more groomed look, consider painless laser hair reduction for long term results. Treating hair before it greys is important since laser won't work on grey or silver/white hair. Men who sit a lot during their day are also prone to something called Pilonidal Sinus. A common condition, hair reduction over the back helps prevent this to an extent. If ignored Pilonidal Sinus can become a chronic problem that needs surgeries.

At JUVERNE a large percentage (close to 40%) of our patients are male and we do understand the nuances of treating men from different age groups, ethnicities and subscribing to different lifestyles. We thus believe in a custom care approach for every individual for every problem. Speak with us to explore solutions for your skin and hair. Quick overview of treatments for men:

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