Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss and thinning can be particularly devastating for women who often see their hair as a vital aspect of their appearance and femininity. Often, hair loss coincides with stressful periods or physical changes and hormonal imbalance - further accentuating the strain of the issue.

There are various types of female hair loss - the commonest being:

1) Female pattern hair loss (FPHL or androgenetic alopecia - which occurs due to a combination of androgens / male hormones and family history). It is seen as an overall thinning and usually does not cause full baldness like in men, and

2) Telogen effluvium (TE): which is a hair shedding problem, due to an underlying cause or trigger: rash diet, thyroid disturbance, iron deficiency, crash diet, stress, illness and commonly child birth. Shedding will continue provided the 'trigger' that caused the initial shedding is still present. Once the trigger is removed the shedding stops in 4-8 months even without treatment.

Diagnosis: Based on the pattern, family history / history of any triggers, lab tests and bloodwork

Treatments: A combination of methods works best in our practice. Prescription of minoxidil and peptide based hair serums for daily application at home, along with a high protein diet, biotin and other supplements (also iron, vitamin B complex and saw palmetto) and correction of any underlying causes. Injections: mesotherapy and PRP can supplement this. Read more at or get in touch with our team at 


Dr Sonam Yadav