Whatever your plans, or what weather you'll be heading to, there are some things you must always pack to protect your skin.

Dr Sonam Yadav, shares her summer packing list and handbag essentials.



I love the Bioderma tinted sunscreen that does double duty as coverage.  I may layer with Noreva medicated tint for extra coverage in case of acne and blemishes. Both products available at JUVERNE.

Don't run out of sunscreen. Pack enough for the length of holidays and the number of people! You need 5 ml (a teaspoonful) daily on the face, neck, hands no matter whether you're on a beach or ski slope. You're going to need to reapply if out in the sun. If in swim wear you need ~ 30 ml for the body. Kids over 6 months of age do need to wear sunscreen even if they hate it.

2. Fluids to drink: Small glass bottles to refill drinking water. Lemon or coconut water is much better than juice / sodas.

3. Medication And Supplements: A basic kit of bug repellent, rash cream, body lotion & electrolyte powders, painkillers, anti allergy pills and any other prescription medication. Mints & immunity boosting vitamin C pills.

4. Coverage And Layers:  A long soft cotton scarf can double up as a sarong or skirt. Multiple thin layers work well for flights.

5. Personal Linen:

Other than basic wipes you need a flannel face cloth and a thin quick drying towel. Always have a swimsuit and a spare. Do carry your own pillowcase and sheets - even the best places can have bugs / mites

6. Basics:

Broad wraparound sunglasses, music player, headphones, a pen, chargers, power banks, books, a diary, IDs, money & cards.

7. Cosmetics:

I carry a micellar water that cleanses even without a rinse (Sensibio H20 is the best), and two moisturizers - a thin lotion and a thick cream for different days' skin needs. I avoid eye make up when traveling but take a clear lip gloss & a lip stain to double up as blush. Also a hairbrush, clips and soft hair ties. And my secret love: a bottle of zinc and copper rich thermal spring water mist to use under moisturizer (Bioderma).

That's it. You're done. 

PS: Keep a few single blade disposable razors and get your laser and facials before you travel. We've got some special treats on grooming and sculpting at JUVERNE. Ask our team for discounts & packages at 09910912141 or

Happy Holidays!