At Juverne a sizeable percentage of our patients are men. Dr Sonam Yadav, our Medical Director has been quoted in leading men's magazines: GQ, AskMen and American Spa among them. Here are a few tips from Dr Yadav on how men can quickly care for their skin on a daily basis. Incorporate these steps in your routine for an effortlessly polished & tidy first appearance. Email us at contact@juverne.com for more details.

1. Moisturize.

Buy a large bottle of moisturizer and keep it in the washroom. Slather a pump or two on the face, neck and hands when your skin is damp from the shower. Your handshake says a lot. Hang nails, bleeding cuticles and gnarly callused hands may not be a great first impression. Keep a smaller bottle of lotion / hand cream at your desk.

2. Sunscreen.

Using sunscreen everyday is the no fuss way to aging slower. Commonly missed spots are the ears and the back of the neck which show wrinkles and tend to age faster from sun exposure in men with short hair. Using sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer. Annual full body mole checks with a partner/doctor are advisable to keep an eye on any odd pigmentation or moles.

3. Exfoliate. 

Removal of the dead cells from the top layer of skin helps it look smoother and brighter. Use a loofah or scrub in the shower once in a while. Just a hot flannel cloth will also do. Or simple natural fibre mitten and the usual bar of soap. Avoid harsh scented soaps and body washes. Look for hydrating products.

4. No Dampness.

Dry your skin between the legs and moisturize the groin after a bath. Wetness from sweat/water make skin friable and infection prone. This can lead to Jock itch which is a common fungal infection in men. Moisturizing helps keep the skin barrier intact. If you do have a minor rash see the doctor for a prescription anti fungal cream.

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